COVID-19: All vaccinated travelers are eligible for a tourist visa in the UAE.

UAE tourist Visa

On Saturday, UAE authorities stated that tourist permits would be issued again beginning August 30. Tourists would be required to get vaccinated with the WHO-approved Covid-19 vaccine as one of the admission requirements.

They are also encouraged to register their vaccination certificates on the ICA website or through the AlHosn app to receive the same benefits as vaccinated UAE residents.

Dubai – You will soon be able to apply for a UAE tourist visa for any tourist coming from all over the world, provided they are vaccinated. The announcement was made by the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management (NCEMA) and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) on August 28.

If you want to visit the United Arab Emirates in the future, here is everything you need to know about the ad.
The decision will take effect from August 30, 2021.

Approved Vaccine:
According to the announcement, tourists must have received full doses of COVID-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). These are:

• AstraZeneca

• Pfizer

• Janssen

• AstraZeneca

• Modern

• AstraZeneca

• Sinopharm

• Sinovac

How can I register my vaccine in the UAE?
To register your vaccine, visit the ICA website:

You will see a pop-up window with the following question: “Is the beneficiary inside or outside the UAE?”

When you complete the form, you will need to provide your personal details, such as your date of birth, passport number, port of departure, and arrival.

You will also be asked to provide COVID-19 related documents such as your vaccination card and the result of the PCR test (optional).

Once you have completed the form, click “Submit.” According to the website, the Medical Committee will review the request. The process can take up to five business days. It is important to note that the committee has the right to reject any request or to impose additional requirements it deems appropriate after review.

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