How to get approval to enter UAE

UAE Approval

UAE Announce new Rules and Regulation for Entry Approval.

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates and their first-degree relatives.
Diplomatic personnel between the United Arab Emirates and applicable countries, including clerical workers in the embassies of the United Arab Emirates in these countries and the embassies of the corresponding countries. Official delegations, subject to prior approval.
UAE residents with gold or silver residence permits.
Expo2020 International Participants, Expo2020 Exhibitors, and Expo2020 Sponsored Staff. Valid UAE resident visa holders who have received full vaccination (2 doses) in UAE provided:

i) 14 days have elapsed since the second dose;
ii) UAE health authorities have issued a vaccination certificate; Y
iii) The vaccination certificate is available on the UAE government smart health apps.

Valid Unvaccinated UAE Resident Visa Holders are limited to the following categories:
i) Medical personnel working in the UAE, including doctors, nurses, and medical technicians;
ii) Education sector personnel in the UAE and teachers working in schools, universities, and other educational institutions;
iii) Students currently studying in the UAE;
iv) Humanitarian cases (reunification of families after obtaining the approval of the competent authorities);
v) UAE government and federal and local authorities personnel; Y
vi) Continuation of medical therapy in the UAE.

Precautionary and preventive measures that apply to the categories allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates:
PCR test within (48) hours of departure date and provided that:
i) Show a negative result
ii) is performed by an accredited laboratory;
iii) Carry a QR code.

Before boarding the flight, a rapid PCR test that returns negative results.
Persons entering the UAE will need to:
i) Be subject to the public health protocol required upon arrival and any condition of Naturalization and Residence;
ii) Carry a monitoring and follow-up device; (Arrivals from Abu Dhabi)
iii) Comply with a 10-day quarantine period; and (Arrivals from Abu Dhabi)
iv) Complete one PCR test upon arrival followed by two other PCR tests on the fourth and eighth days of your quarantine period. (Arrivals from Abu Dhabi)

Pre-flight process for Passengers entering the UAE:

Resident Passengers who received the full vaccination in the United Arab Emirates and 14 days have elapsed since the second dose should visit the website of the Federal Citizenship and Identity Authority:
i) Request and seek approval for entry; Y
ii) The vaccination certificate must be uploaded.
How to get approved for the United Arab Emirates
DXB visa holders must obtain GDRFA approval on the website

Apart from the DXB visa, the holder must obtain approval from the ICA website
Approved Laborites:
PIA Approved Laboratories for Covid Testing

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