Latest covid 19 flight update from Pakistan to UAE

UAE Flights from pakistan

Effective Aug 1, 2021, Kindly follow the Advisory regarding vaccination.

Before traveling to the UAE, the following requirements are to be fulfilled:

1)  Have the approval to travel. Passengers must bring a printout of acceptance/verification received.

For Dubai visa/GDRFA holders:  

Holding re-entry permit – eligibility status can be verified from

Not holding re-entry permit – eligibility status can be verified from 

For non-Dubai visa holders:

Eligibility status can be verified from

Passengers with valid visa/residence permits do not require ICA approval to travel. If the passenger has stayed longer in Pakistan, they can travel subject to verification of visa status. If the status is correct, travel is allowed. However, the expired residence visa holder must have ICA approval and a negative PCR certificate before traveling.

2) You must have obtained a negative PCR certificate at least 72 hours before flight departure, except DUBAI. To travel to Dubai, UAE residents, GCC citizens, and visa holders who need to take the pre-travel PCR test at least 72 hours before flight departure, list of acceptable labs with Passengers must carry 02 printed copies of the COVID-19 test certified (SMS, WhatsApp / digital certificates are not acceptable). Passengers make sure that the laboratory certificate must have details, eg. ex. Destination, Type of test, Validity of the report and it bears the stamp or signature.

-Children under 12 are exempt from the test.

Only labs that have a QR / BAR code verifying the details of the PCR report will be accepted for PCR test results.

For Dubai / Sharjah –  List of acceptable labs with barcodes clicks here.
For Abu Dhabi / Al Ain – List of acceptable labs with barcodes clicks here.

3) Have valid medical insurance (applicable to all passengers, tourist/visa on arrival/transit/transfer) with COVID-19 coverage.
4) Download the app Al Hosn available in the Google and Apple game stores.

5) Complete the declaration form health & nbsp; before arriving in the UAE and handing it over to the flight crew.
Passengers traveling to Sharjah must complete the Sharjah Declaration Form. This form will be required at check-in.

Important! Visitors traveling to the United Arab Emirates on a visit visa must have at least AED 2000 (AED 100 per day during the stay) as shown. -Money, return ticket, and hotel / residential address reservation; otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the UAE.
Passengers are required to wear face masks and will be subject to a thermal check after arrival in the UAE. Starting August 1, 2020, a second PCR test will be performed upon your arrival will be done for all passengers arriving in the UAE from Pakistan.
For Abu Dhabi: Starting September 14, 2020, passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi must self-isolate / quarantine at home for 14 days and must wear a medical bracelet at all times. The bracelet will be provided at the airport by the authorities after immigration. Passengers who have a diplomatic passport or who are under 18 years of age are exempt. Some passengers may be subject to institutional quarantine.
Passengers wishing to go immediately to any other emirate from Abu Dhabi airport must travel by airport taxi only. Otherwise, the standard post-arrival procedure mentioned above will apply.

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