The UK likely to remove Pakistan from the Red list.

UK travel restriction

UK – According to the UK government, Pakistan and Turkey are likely to be removed from the UK travel red list. The travel advisory for countries that are prohibited from flying to the Kingdom will be updated today.

There is some pressure to ease restrictions for passengers arriving from Pakistan. The government is more likely to approve the changes on Thursday. Passengers from 60 countries are still unable to travel to England. Only British citizens can travel from these countries with an obligation to stay in a hotel for 11 nights after arrival, with a minimum cost of up to £ 2,285 (Rs519,933) for an adult.

Despite quarantine rules being relaxed last month, fully vaccinated travelers are returning from amber list countries to avoid self-isolation. Turkey accompanies Pakistan, in the red light of the United Kingdom, which has 60 countries, its officials said. it will move to the amber list in a few days. However, high-level sources in Whitehall reject any suggestion of serious reform, indicating that the announcement is not likely to affect as many tourists as previous reviews.

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